Auto glass repair services

Whether you need a door or back glass, windshield repair or replacement. Think Covington Glass. Poor road conditions and  harsh weather are contributing factors that damage your windshield. Think Covington Glass. When damage from rocks, debris and the unfortunate vandalism happens to your car. Think Covington Glass!

Top serving auto glass company for insurance claims for over 10 years

Covington Glass has over 20 years of auto glass experience. We have installed thousands of pieces of auto glass over the years. Our name is our brand. We have certified technicians that get the job done right! We have all the technology to get your vehicle restored to factory standards after your replacement.

How we serve

Windshield Replacement

Our team will help you determine if your windshield needs repair or replacement. The location of the damage and its size are determining factors to repair or replace. There is a standard to ensure proper and safe auto glass installation. The AGSC maintains this standard through certification and audits. Covington Glass is a proud member of the AGSC.

Calibration service

Most new cars have some type of Advanced Driver Assistance System or ADAS. Covington Glass is certified to calibrate your vehicle ADAS correctly. We go the extra mile, Covington Glass is completely mobile. Our vans travel up to 40 miles for your replacement needs.

Tempered Glass Replacement

Some auto glass shatters upon impact. This tempered safety glass is used for door, vent and back glass on most model vehicles. Covington Glass assists with vacuuming removal of the shattered glass. On occasion, the door motor and regulator are damaged and need replacement. Covington Glass can replace most vehicle models regulators and motors  

Our services fix all types of auto glass

Whether your auto glass damage is on your front or rear windshield, or even a side window, you can rely on Covington Glass for all types of car glass services. And if we can’t repair your windshield, you can be confident in our ability to replace your windshield.

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